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Jonathan Papelbon thought a Nationals reporter called him 'Johnny Jonathan' and got so confused

First, I'll let you just watch the first 30 seconds of this interview and see if you can figure out what happened:

... *did* he just call him Johnny Jonathan? That's what Jonathan Papelbon heard: "Thank you very much, Johnny Jonathan. You get into quite a battle there with Giancarlo Stanton ..."

Here's what was actually said, with important punctuation included: "Thank you very much, Johnny. Jonathan, you get into quite a battle there with Giancarlo Stanton ..."

See? Nationals reporter Dan Kolko was first thanking this man in the studio:


... THEN he was seamlessly diving into his postgame questions for Papelbon. That's all.

I still say we should keep calling the Nats pitcher "Johnny Jonathan" for ... ever? Yeah. Forever. That's his name now. In fact, this could have been even better. Kolko's question was about Giancarlo Stanton, and I wish he led with that name, like "Thank you Johnny. Jonathan, Giancarlo Stanton gave you a real battle ..." THEN Papelbon's question would have been "Did you just call me Johnny Jonathan Giancarlo?" and that would have been at least 50 percent funnier.

(h/t @recordsandradio)

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