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Dale Earnhardt once tried to clean his windshield by sitting out of his window mid-race

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In honor of the upcoming Toyota Owners 400 race, which is taking place at Richmond International Speedway on Sunday, NASCAR's Facebook page posted a classic Dale Earnhardt moment, where he sat out of his window while driving in order to clean his windshield.

Chocolate Myers explains in the documentary clip above:

"We're racing at Richmond, and he's got the car -- it's totally covered in mud -- and he hollers on the radio, "Richard, I need to pit." And Richard says, "Dale, I'd hate to come in and pit, lose all that track position." And Dale comes on the radio and says, "I'm gonna be off the radio for a few minutes." And then you see Dale driving with his knee and got one head and he's cleaning the windshield off."

This would totally never happen these days, but the fact that Earnhardt did that at all is amazing.