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This Andrew Bogut arm grab was dirty and Dwight Howard should be mad

Stephen Curry is out for the Warriors again in Game 3. The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the league -- they can win without him, and they did in Game 2, but they need to work a little bit harder on both ends rather than relying on stupid Curry shots at the end to bail them out.

But this, from Andrew Bogut, isn't working harder. This is just trash. Grabbing onto Dwight Howard's arm like that is blatantly dirty and has no place in the NBA.

The play is very reminiscent of Kelly Olynyk's grab of Kevin Love in the 2015 playoffs that ended his season, one Love believed was dirty and told media just that. With that play, you could give Olynyk some benefit of the doubt, since he was losing his balance as it happened. With Bogut, it's hard to even do that.

Bogut's abilities on both ends, particularly the defensive side, have long been underrated as a key element of the Warriors' ascension. This isn't really defensible, though. Curry or not, Bogut shouldn't be resorted to a malicious, injury-risking play like this just because his team is down double digits.

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