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A minor league team struck out 5 batters -- and gave up 4 runs -- in one inning

A minor league baseball team, the Charleston RiverDogs, managed to strike out five batters in one inning on Thursday. It's a strange feat, in that you rarely ever see it happen, but for it to happen there has to be some expense. That was the case for Charleston, as they gave up four runs in the process, leading to a 6-2 loss to the Augusta GreenJackets. You can see the fifth strikeout by RiverDogs relief pitcher Andrew Schwaab.

As Cut4 notes, the score sheet for the game was pretty exciting -- if you were on the GreenJackets:

  • Gustavo Cabrera strikes out swinging.
  • Jean Angomas strikes out swinging. Wild pitch by pitcher James Reeves. Jean Angomas to 1st.
  • Adam Sonabend strikes out swinging.
  • With Manuel Geraldo batting, Jean Angomas steals (5) 2nd base.
  • Manuel Geraldo strikes out swinging. Wild pitch by pitcher James Reeves. Manuel Geraldo to 1st.
  • Jalen Miller walks. Jean Angomas to 3rd. Manuel Geraldo to 2nd.
  • Pitching Change: Andrew Schwaab replaces James Reeves.
  • Seth Harrison singles on a line drive to right fielder Jhalan Jackson. Jean Angomas scores. Manuel Geraldo scores. Seth Harrison to 2nd. Jalen Miller advances to 3rd, on a missed catch error by first baseman Chris Gittens.
  • Dillon Dobson singles on a line drive to center fielder Jeff Hendrix. Jalen Miller scores. Seth Harrison scores.
  • Dylan Davis strikes out swinging.

(The RiverDogs could not answer back in the bottom of the 10th inning.)

Five strikeouts in one inning has happened before, as Wikipedia notes, and, according to Deadspin, it also happened once in MLB, but that instance was in spring training, which didn't count.

(h/t Cut4/MLB)