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Marcus Smart was either flopping to draw a foul, or practicing to be a pro wrestler

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The fourth quarter of the Celtics-Hawks was absolutely intense. Although it wasn't as chippy as other playoff games, the tempo was feverish with both teams trading shots. Nothing would be able to stop the erratic momentum, not even a bad flop.

But let's take a moment to examine, and more importantly appreciate, one of the best worst flops that the NBA playoffs that have graced us, courtesy of Marcus Smart. It goes beyond the realm of basketball flops and into the world or pro wrestling because Smart was definitely trying to sell something. After all, he has gained a reputation for being a serial flopper.

For one, the initial impact—and I'm using that lightly—of Kyle Korver's box out looked like a wrestling signature move. If you placed Smart in front of, let's say NXT Women's Champion Asuka's running hip attack, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

More importantly, let's focus on Marcus himself. The effort in selling the hit is there, but it's not believable because he's not following through. Everyone knows that you're supposed to fall flat on your back to lessen the impact. This is literally the first thing they teach you in wrestling school. That may be why he did look hurt as he fell to the court.

Sorry Marcus, but you might have to stick around in WWE developmental for a while. It's a good thing that you're good at basketball (and also currently in the playoffs, or whatever).

Smart was fined $5,000 by the NBA for the flop on Saturday, but avoided suspension.