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Astros fan still wearing incredibly pointy mustache we saw three years ago

1. MLB made this Astros fan a highlight from April 2016 against the Red Sox. However, we've seen this man before, three years ago. His mustache looks pretty much the same as it did 2013.

2. Yes, it is a glorious mustache by virtue of how outlandish it is.

3. At the same time, if you think about it, it kind of looks like the Grinch's feet, if his feet were so big he needed clown shoes.

4. How many people has he poked in the eye with that thing?

5. Months after he popped up on television, here he is again, in August 2016, still rocking that thing:

According to Cut4, his name is Valentin Jalomo, who apparently maintains his mustache's sturdiness with a lot of hair spray. Plus, he is the proud owner of this business card:

(Photo via MLB/Cut4)