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Marcus Smart almost posterized his Celtics teammate by accident

In the previous game against the Atlanta Hawks, Celtics guard Marcus Smart attempted one of the most melodramatic flops in the history of the NBA Playoffs. It was so bad that it looked like he was getting ready to transition from basketball player to professional wrestling enhancement talent.

Smart remembered what sport he was playing on Sunday, but possibly only a portion of it. The guard might have thought that he was participating in a dunk contest as opposed to a playoff game.

After the Celtics grabbed an offensive board, Smart got the ball and jumped for a dunk, but he almost dunked over Jared Sullinger. For a brief moment, Smart had the confidence of a Vince Carter leaping over Frederic Weis in the 2000 Olympic Games.

But soon after, he and Sullinger looked more like that poor pancake who got dunked on. The wreckage after the hop didn't look so good but both players were fine.