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Draymond Green called out a reporter for dumb questions about the Houston floods

"It's not cool, man. Stop doing that."

Two stories have been dominating Houston websites recently, though one is more important than the other. One is the NBA Playoff matchup between the Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. The other is the Houston flood, that has lasted for more than a week and has already claimed eight lives.

But an international reporter decided to combine the two in the most trivial, inappropriate and irresponsible way by asking Draymond Green whether he believes if there is a correlation between the Warriors' three-point shooting in Houston and the floods.

Is the reporter attempting to make Draymond's feeling of success the byproduct of lost lives? This isn't the first time that the reporter attempted to ask Green that question either. Regardless, Green can see through the reporters' facade and outright called him out on the question:

"You're trying to get a controversial statement out of me but you're not because I feel sorry for the people of Houston. People are losing their homes, losing their cars, losing their lives, losing loved ones, and you're trying to get a controversial statement out of're not getting that out of me."

His question makes light of a legitimately tragic situation. Sports often carry the illusion of being the be-all and end-all of life, especially when the playoffs start rolling in. But in sports, we can joke around when a team loses. We can't say the same for tragic moments. Draymond was right to put things in the proper perspective.

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