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Andrew Luck started a book club and now nothing is stopping you from becoming just like him

OK, so maybe you'll never have Andrew Luck's top-caliber arm, or his NFL-inspired fame, or his $22 million contract, or his Civil War general looks, or his world-class athleticism, or his success on a professional football field, or his razor-sharp decision making under duress from the world's most fearsome pass rushers, or his poise answering questions knowing millions of people are watching him on live television, or his borderline psychotic trash talk that somehow compliments his opponent and scares the living sh-- of them anyway, or his mass disappointment of millions of Indianians after yet another interception, or his strange admission that he sticks his head out of his car window just like a dog when he drives even though he's not a dog because he is, in fact, an NFL quarterback and probably wouldn't be able to perform those duties if he was a dog not because dogs aren't great but because dogs simply don't possess the motor skills and opposable thumbs that allows an NFL quarterback to excel at the highly professional level that athletes who play in that league are held to.


You can have the same reading list as Andrew Luck! That's basically the same thing.

Welcome to the Andrew Luck reading club.

Cleverly broken into "rookie" and "veteran" sections, Luck will recommend books for all ages! Sorry you can't be like Andrew Luck in any other ways, but hey, read his books and it's basically the same thing.

Luck's creation of this book club also fills in an important Venn diagram we've been missing in this world.

(h/t ESPN)