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A minor league team briefly offered up to 40 percent off if an opposing player performed poorly

People always look forward to a sale—just not when it's at their expense.

It's always sad to see a major leaguer make it all the way to the upper echelon of baseball only to struggle and eventually get demoted back to the minors. That happened to Brewers center fielder Keon Broxton recently. In only a few games in his first year with Milwaukee, he had a paltry batting average of .000. With an average that low, it's easy to understand why he was sent to the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

But the minors aren't anything to scoff at. They take their baseball seriously. But then again, they might take it too seriously.

The Sky Sox's opponents on Monday were the Omaha Storm Chasers, who decided to troll Broxton with a team promotion. Given the use of the word "BREAKING" it may have been intended as facetious, but the promotion seemed very real. Every misplay that Broxton had during the game would result in a 10 percent discount in the team store.

Having what could be a 40 percent off sale of all merch would definitely have fans thrilled over the idea of Broxton committing an error, but some of the playfulness of this deal goes right out the window. At some point, this is just a mean publicity stunt. The Storm Chasers quickly became aware of this, deleted their original tweet, and offered an apology.