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The Thunder eliminated the Mavericks on the court then buried them in the press conference

The Thunder-Mavericks series was short, but it was full of trash talk. Early on Monday evening, Mark Cuban decided it would be a good idea to say that Russell Westbrook is not a superstar. Considering his Mavericks were already down 3-1 in their series against the Thunder it was an odd time to trash talk, but then again it's Mark Cuban we're talking about here. After the Thunder won the series on Monday, it was almost certain someone in the postgame press conference would ask Russell how he felt about Cuban's comments. Kevin Durant did all of the talking.

Here is the full question and answer from Durant.

But that wasn't all. Russell then had a chance to get the last word in on his battle with Charlie Villanueva.

Although listen again closely to KD in the background. He adds more commentary. Angry Kevin Durant is the hero we deserve.