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Prince once kicked Jimmy Fallon's ass at ping pong and then vanished into the night

It's been well-documented that Prince was a competitive athlete, from destroying Charlie Murphy in basketball to destroying New Girl's Jessica Day in ping pong. To honor Prince, Jimmy Fallon and Questlove told a story about how Prince kicked Fallon's ass at ping pong. I don't want to spoil the details (because the details are important, and there's a really good punchline at the end from Questlove), but the lesson: Prince did not care if you had a baby; if he asked you to play ping pong with him, you played ping pong with him ... and got your ass beat.

And if you've never seen Prince performing at Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary after party, which Fallon referenced at the beginning of the video, here you go. It's amazing, which, when talking about Prince, shouldn't be a surprise.