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Drake puts tears on Paul George in Instagram post immediately after Raptors stun Pacers

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Oh man.

Drake, known Toronto Raptors fan (and fan of every other sports team that wins) decided to take to Instagram after Toronto took a 3-2 series lead over the Indiana Pacers. The Raptors made a huge comeback in the fourth quarter to steal game 5 and now are only one win away from moving on to Round 2 of the NBA playoffs. While it was a demoralizing loss for the Pacers, it's an odd take because Paul George has been completely destroying the Raptors. Even tonight he put up 39 on them.

UPDATE: Drake deleted the Instagram post. But don't you worry, I have a screen shot.


Deleted or not, the comments section still agreed with us.

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He replaced his post with a picture of Rodney Stuckey falling into him, which is okay! That was funny! But maaaaybe don't pick on the guy lighting your team up. In your own words Drake, "I knew you were scared"

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