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Iggy Azalea saved Nick Young from getting a 'Born Reble' tattoo

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Iggy Azalea has Nick Young's back when it comes to bad tattoo decisions.

Why is spell check confined to only our phones and computers? It has so many practical applications. Imagine squiggly red lines under a poorly-spelled sign. Even better, why not a tattoo?

Until that technology becomes reality, we have people like Iggy Azalea who are saving people from making terrible spelling decisions—especially when it comes to words being permanently inked on their body. Azalea was able to save Nick Young from getting a regretful tattoo. He was about to get "BORN REBLE" on his back but he definitely wanted to get the word "rebel."

A misspelled tattoo is somehow quintessentially Swaggy P and I wouldn't be surprised if he got it and showed it off regardless of the error, had he gotten it inked. Luckily for him, Iggy loves him.

I'm glad that Iggy and Swaggy P have reconciled their differences, mostly because they make a great couple but also for the sake of properly-spelled tattoos.

So the next time "your" getting a tattoo, please make sure it's spelled correctly—or at least ask a loved one.