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Ezekiel Elliott took his signature crop top to the ultimate level at the NFL Draft

Ezekiel Elliott loves crop top jerseys. We knew that already. But he took it to a whole new level on Thursday at the NFL Draft, converting a standard dress shirt into a crop top under his suit.

There are always unique fashion choices at the draft, but Elliott has now taken it to an entirely new level. The NFL bans players from wearing crop top jerseys, but there is no rule on the books about crop top suits at the draft. Take that, Roger Goodell.

So why is Ezekiel Elliott wearing a crop top suit? Well, it's sort of his thing. It started out innocently enough. Elliott wore a crop top jersey during the 2014 season at Ohio State. He said he wore it so defenders couldn't grab his jersey as easy. Maybe he also wanted to show off his abs, maybe he liked the throwback look, maybe he thought it made him run faster. Whatever the reason, it became his trademark. Until the NCAA banned it for the 2015 season.

That didn't stop Elliott. Instead of wearing a crop top jersey all the time, he just found select times during the games to pull up his jersey. His outfit at the draft is really just on brand too. After all, Elliott did trademark "Zeke's Crop Top Bar and Grill." He's simply just getting a strong start to building his brand.