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NFL draft pick celebrates selection by randomly jumping around with his agent

Players only get drafted into the NFL once. So while they spend years training physically for the moment, the celebrations often get overlooked. Do you go for high-fives? Maybe hugs? When Germain Ifedi got picked No. 31 by the Seahawks, he and his group were way too excited to coordinate any celebration. So instead they jumped around in a giant pile.

There was a brief awkward moment there where Infedi, his family, friends and agent, Spencer Cannold, seem a little unsure of what they are going to do. Are we jumping? We're jumping!

When you're a first-round pick -- or the agent of a first-round pick -- you get to celebrate in any way possible.

Or maybe it wasn't so random at all. We just couldn't hear the music.

So what did the other end of that conversation sound like? While Ifedi was busy jumping, Seattle general manager John Schneider sounded genuinely concerned on the other end. It all turned out OK!