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Yasiel Puig welcomed Jared Goff to L.A. by responding to a mean tweet from 2013

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Puig your friend. Puig not late.

Every young athlete has their moments on social media, not really thinking about what will happen far into the future. It happened last year when people dug up old tweets from NBA draft picks, and it'll continue happening as long as social media exists. With that said, there was a funny moment with new Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff and Dodgers right-fielder Yasiel Puig. See, almost three years ago, Goff tweeted something mean about Puig. Granted, Goff was 18 when he said this.

And of course, after Goff got drafted to the Rams, people pointed it out, including some Dodgers players:

The best part, however, was Puig himself welcoming Goff over Twitter:

Got that, Goff? Puig your friend. Puig not late.

(h/t Dodgers Nation)

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