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The 1995-96 Bulls would sweep the Warriors, according to Scottie Pippen

In an interview with The Dan Patrick Show's Paul Pabst on Saturday, Scottie Pippen was asked a hypothetical question about how a seven-game series between his 1995-96 Bulls and this year's Warriors team would play out. It's the type of question that always gets asked (see: Michael Jordan versus Stephen Curry or LeBron James), and really, it would never happen, because we have yet to make time travel possible, but the beauty of Pippen's answer is that how terse it is.

Pabst: "72-win Bull team versus this Warriors team. How would it play out in the seven-game series?"

Pippen: "Bulls in four [games]."

Pabst: "Bulls in four?"

Pippen: "Yeah."

Pabst: "They don't get one off you?"

Pippen: "No."

Pabst: "You guys don't take one night off, go out a little bit and give them one?"

Pippen: "Nah, I don't think we'll take a night off."

Pippen went on to talk about which Bulls player would cover which Warriors player, but the confidence in Pippen's answer pretty much says it all. As of writing, the Warriors are five games away from beating the Bulls' 72-10 record, which Michael Jordan is apparently OK with ... but given the video above, maybe not Pippen.

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