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WrestleMania 32: Lita unveils the new WWE Women's Championship

It's the Women's Revolution now.

After the Diva's revolution began, people began to speculate whether the Divas Championship would change back into the Women's Championship. And during the WrestleMania preshow, fans were surprised to learn that the change is indeed happening.

Lita teased a but announcement early on in the preshow and as the show winded down, she stepped into the ring to show off the new championship. The winner of the triple threat match at WrestleMania between Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte are slated to be the first competition to hoist the new title.

Much like the rumors, the title seems to be based of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with a white strap and red WWE logo.

Vince McMahon was quick to unveil the new championship on Twitter:

Shortly after the unveiling, WWE handed this press release out to fans in attendance at AT&T stadium

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