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Mel Kiper provides his in-depth analysis of a salad bar

Here's your salad bar mock draft 1.0.

From the minute an NFL team hoists the Lombardi Trophy to the final pick in the NFL Draft, all we know and see is Mel Kiper's mock draft, revised mock draft, mock draft 4.1 with in-depth analysis all the way into the soul of every possible pick. Well, on the final day of the draft, Mel Kiper showed us how his analytical skills reach well beyond just athletes.

He's not too far off.

Kale Lettuce - "That's the next lettuce. Tremendous upside."

Peppers - "No brainer there."

Carrots - "They add the crunch."

Mel Kiper's sleeper pick is avocados, and we think he nailed it. Unfortunately, his salad bar mock draft continues to lack credibility due to his low grade on croutons.

We can add this to the list of weird facts about Mel Kiper that you may not know. Weird facts like his breakfast every morning consists solely of pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

He loves pumpkin pie so much, the rest of the NFL Draft broadcast team got him his personal brand of whipped cream.