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No one was happier about Villanova's win than Charles Barkley

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Kris Jenkins made a lot of Villanova fans very happy when he nailed a game-winning shot to give the Wildcats the championship. Charles Barkley didn't go to Villanova, but he may have been the happiest person of them all.

Barkley played college basketball at Auburn and picked UNC to win before the game, but he had a good reason to be rooting for Villanova -- his daughter is a big-time fan. He told USA TODAY about how his support for Nova became a thing.

"My daughter was living and dying with every game for the last three weeks, so I was really more excited for her, to be honest with you. She's been going to a Villanova bar in New York City every game. She didn't even want to come to the game because she didn't want to jinx the game.''

Barkley might have forgotten that his co-host, Kenny Smith is a Carolina alum though.

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Watch Villanova's stunning victory on this last second shot