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We can thank John Oliver for the Ninja Turtles, sharks and unicorns sitting front row at Yankees games

Maybe these whippersnappers will cause too much riffraff for those who paid full price to sit in the premium seats.

For those tuning into the Yankees-Astros Opening Day game on ESPN on this chilly Tuesday afternoon, you may be pleasantly amused to observe two friendly figures decked out in what appears to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles garb sitting directly behind home plate.

What you may not know is that this appears to be the result of a hilarious troll directed toward the Yankees' front office, courtesy of John Oliver and his team at Last Week Tonight:

For context, two months ago, the Yankees announced a new policy that would prevent fans from printing their tickets from home, which prompted a backlash surrounding the inability to buy and re-sell tickets through StubHub. This led to the team's COO, Lonn Trost, indicating that the richer fans who sit in the premium seats behind home plate would not want to sit near poorer fans who would not be used to the five-star treatment.

This prompted Oliver to rip the Yankees' elitism to shreds, ending his segment by offering two fans tickets in the front row to any one of their first three games of the season for just 25 cents a piece, promising riffraff in the stands (on the condition that the fans wear clothing indicating they had never sat in premium seating before).

We see now that Oliver was able to follow through on his offer with glorious results:

More fans made the best of their Yankees premium seating experience on Wednesday, when two sharks and two unicorns showed up. The extremely cheap seating, at least on Oliver's terms, continues to be worth it.

Thursday came and with it came a couple of dragons sitting in the premium seats.

The Yankees tried to play it off, even thanking John Oliver and claiming "everyone" is welcome at the stadium.