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Chance the Rapper designed a trio of really awesome White Sox hats

"I want every player in the new approved Sox caps!"

Not only is Chance the Rapper throwing the first pitch for the Chicago White Sox's home opener on Friday. but his involvement with the White Sox only starts there. He sports a White Sox hat whenever he can, but it looks like he wanted some variety—which is why the rapper from Chicago looked to his hometown team for a few more designs.

The Chance Sox hats will be available at the home opener and will sell for $40-45. Only 2,000 will be available.

We should have rappers from all over the country work on giving their respective hometown teams a face lift. Let's get Action Bronson doing this for the Mets and Kendrick Lamar for the Dodgers.

Chance's role might expand soon, as he and the White Sox are nearing a deal that would make the rapper an ambassador for the team.