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The Sam Hinkie era ended with 76ers fans chanting 'MVP' for Carl Landry

Never send to know for whom the Process trusts; it trusts for thee.

With a minute remaining in the Sixers' 107-93 win over the Pelicans on Tuesday, Carl Landry took the free throw line -- only to be serenaded by calls of "MVP!"

Landry did have a good night -- 22 points and going 9-of-10 -- on what turned out to be the final evening of the Sam Hinkie era/Process, but uh, well. News of Hinkie's departure -- and his 13-page resignation letter -- broke the next day.

Fans were nonplussed.

Landry, for his part, was bemused.

Brett Brown pointed out that Landry was, strictly speaking, the MVP.