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Blues goalie took a puck in the face so hard that his contact lens fell out

Ever been hit in the face? Eh, probably. Whether it was intentional or accidental is another question but everyone can agree that it is painful. But at least you didn't get hit in the face by a hockey puck, right? You have to look at the silver lining sometimes.

An uncomfortable, maybe even excruciatingly painful feeling akin to getting hit in the face is when one of your contact lenses starts to fall out of your eye and you're stuck in this hazy conundrum that makes the Mr. Krabs meme all too real.

Now how about both of those terrible feelings at the same time? That's what happened to Brian Elliott on Sunday. As he got hit in the face by the puck (thank goodness for goalie masks) his contact fell out.

I don't think I would wish that even on my enemies.