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Watch Alex Rodriguez scratch his crotch with his bat

Look, we understand that sometimes you can't help it when you need to scratch below the equator. But especially in public, it's best to be subtle about it. You know, something like a quick awkward turn so that if anyone sees you scratching yourself, they'll only see part of it and end up questioning whether you did that or not.

This rule is especially true when you're being projected throughout televisions and mobile devices everywhere. I mean, look at Alex Rodriguez. Wait — AROD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE AND YOU'RE IN A STADIUM WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

At least don't do this when during your at-bat. He had to know everyone was watching. Maybe this was intentional? Or maybe this scratch just couldn't wait.

Might we recommend some sort of powder to prevent something like this from happening again?

It's not the first time he's done this before either.