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Devin Booker thrills Suns super fan with invitation to the NBA Draft lottery

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Devin Booker will represent the Phoenix Suns at the NBA Draft lottery, but he won't be alone. Instead, Booker will be joined by 16-year-old Suns fan Jenna Warren. Booker quickly developed a rapport with Warren -- who has Down syndrome -- after she continually showed up early for games just to watch him warm up. Now, she and her family will make the trip to New York with Booker.

Shortly after learning he would represent the Suns in the lottery, Booker told the team he wanted to bring Jenna with him, according to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic. The Suns were able to set up a three-day trip for Warren and her family to join Booker. Jenna even received a personal invitation from Booker on Instagram.

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Safe to say Jenna was very excited to accept the invitation.

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It's been a long journey for Jenna to this point. She was on an incubator as a baby, not expected to make it to her first birthday. She did that and more despite going through eight surgeries, two of which were open-heart surgeries. The Suns have been a fun outlet for her with her family becoming season-ticket holders in 2010. She's bonded with several players throughout the years and made a quick bond with Booker in his rookie season.

"[Booker] has such a good heart," Jenna's mother Gracie Colvin said, via the Arizona Republic. "He's amazing. He's always been so kind to her that she's more drawn to him."

According to, Booker and Jenna first met prior to a game on April 3. Booker was warming up and noticed Jenna on the sideline wearing Booker's jersey. The friendship grew from there and now Booker and Jenna will be able to recreate this photo at the lottery.

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Update: Devin and Jenna look wonderful at the NBA Draft!