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Budweiser's cans now say AMERICA instead of BUDWEISER, which is stupid, and I'm going to drink a million of them

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Budweiser's AmeriCans are one of the world's dumbest marketing ploys. AND I LOVE THEM.

It is nearly summer in the United States of America. The grills will be on, the boys will be back in town, and beers will be consumed. Budweiser wants you to consume their beer, and as is tradition, they will be making their packaging America-themed this year.

In past summers, Budweiser had produced cans with versions of the American flag on them, this year, they're slapping the word AMERICA where it normally says BUDWEISER and making a few other changes:

Places normally reserved for stuff like the description of how Budweiser has been brewed will be replaced with patriotic stuff like the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance. They even replaced the Anheuser-Busch "AB" with "US." It's thorough.

Let's be honest: Budweiser is Fine. There are cheaper beers that taste worse, like value brands, ice beers and malt liquors. There are also plenty of more expensive beers that taste better. (There are also quite a few more expensive beers that taste worse.) Budweiser is reasonably OK for reasonably cheap. It's Fine.

This is such a stupid marketing ploy

Budweiser is not the only American beer. There are many American beers that are good for drinking outdoors in the summer. And Budweiser arguably isn't an American beer. It's owned by Belgian/Brazilian giant InBev.

InBev owns dozens of beer brands accounting for nearly half of the American market share, trashing craft beers while promoting Budweiser and trashing macro beers while promoting its "craft" brands. They trick you into thinking one thing is bad to foster your loyalty to another thing, not mentioning that they own both. Yes, InBev still has thousands of American employees, but by purchasing Budweiser and not another beer, consumers increase the market share of a multi-billion-dollar behemoth owned by some very rich people overseas at the expense of purely American brands.

They expect us to ignore all this and purchase Budweiser because it says "America" on it. Just because it says America, in spite of everything else? Do they really think we're that stupid?

I'm going to drink a million of them

Well, guess what: I am that stupid. Over the next three months, I will drink several hundred of these cans. I will go to the grocery store, I will look at the cheaper beers, look at the better tasting beers, and look at the beers that say AMERICA. And I will buy the ones that say AMERICA, quality, price, taste and everything else be damned.

And I will get drunk, look at my can, see that it says AMERICA on it, and think "you know what? HELL YEAH." I will do this indoors and outdoors, at bars and in my apartment. I will do this when there are friends present to appreciate my AmeriCan, and I will do this when I just want to enjoy a beer by myself after work, while cooking food, or while watching sports. I drink Budweiser from time to time in the fall, winter, and spring, but I will drink it significantly more in the summer, just because the cans will say AMERICA on them.

I do not know why this marketing ploy works. But I'll tell you that it does, and that this is going to be a great, drunk summer.