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Rugby League player gets obliterated with brutal shoulder charge

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It's being called the "Hit of the Year," and we're only in May. That's what happened when Fiji and Papua New Guinea played a Rugby League test match over the weekend. Fiji's Brayden Wiliame broke up the middle and found himself bearing down on Papua New Guinea's David Mead. It's the kind of run that normally sees one player wind up on the receiving end of something very bad, but Mead is being praised for getting his licks in -- despite being sent flying.

The truth is: Neither player ended up on the good side of this one. Both were stunned by the violent collision, and while Mead being sent reeling looked more impressive, Wiliame was banged up considerably, too.

Despite being rag dolled, it was Mead who had the last laugh as he led PNG with 161 meters on the ground and recorded the nation's first-ever win over Fiji.

h/t Reddit