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Home plate ad at Angels-Cardinals game reminds St. Louis it lost its football team

Advertisements bombard us every day, especially when we go to a ballgame. Not like this though.

We're so passive in how we interact with them. There's no real engagement, and for the most part we tend to tune them out anyway. But regardless of the situation or the ad's intention, we're always aware who they're catered for: they're for me and you and anyone else who purchased a ticket. They're not necessarily for the players.

That's what makes this particular advertisement special. Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia is trying to mind his own business on the mound, preparing himself for the next pitch, when suddenly he's reminded of home. It's the St. Louis Rams—but they're Los Angeles Rams now. It's a clever move from the stadium, one that must leave Cardinals players feeling annoyed.

It must be especially infuriating to watch this game if you're from St. Louis. For what it's worth, the Angels really could have exacerbated the situation by displaying the "Los Angeles" on the ad. The Angels of Anaheim are pretty good at boasting about their Angeleno roots, after all.

The Cardinals can still buy some merch from that website. There's not that much of a difference between the Rams' look in St. Louis and their look now, save for the name.

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