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Rougned Odor punched Jose Bautista in the face in the biggest MLB brawl in years

The Rangers-Blue Jays rivalry picked up in 2016 exactly where it left off in 2015, and on Sunday things between the two clubs boiled over.

It all started with Matt Bush plunking Jose Bautista with a 98 mph fastball. If you recall, Bautista is now infamous for his epic bat flip during the ALDS last year.

With Bautista on first, the Blue Jays hit into what would've been a double play, except Jose Bautista clearly slid way over the bag to try and break up Rougned Odor's throw to first.

Rougned didn't appreciate Bautista's slide, which is now illegal largely in part because of the play that resulted in Ruben Tejada's broken leg last year, and Rougned let Bautista know it by delivering a vicious right cross.

The fight led to multiple ejections and will most definitely lead to more suspensions.

Rougned is never one to shy away from a good scrum, and he's even been guilty of attempting the same slide. Heated rivalries should be fun, but if it involves hurting opponents and possibly ruining a career, there's no place for it in any sport.