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Rougned Odor has one more career hit after punching Jose Bautista, according to Wikipedia

It didn't take long for Rougned Odor's punch to Jose Bautista to shift from the baseball world to the world of memes. And when this happens, all Wikipedia editors can do is worry that the player or team's pages will be filled with loads of erroneous information shortly thereafter.

That's what went down a few minutes after the team-wide brawl. Someone decided to update Odor's stats on his Wikipedia page to reflect the additional career hit. He or she also made sure to note that the photo listed was taken before the Bautista punch. Casual readers looking for more information on the Rangers player need to distinguish pre- and post-punch images of Odor. These things are important.

Bautista's page was also changed. His stats remained the same, but someone has already declared him dead, which is a huge exaggeration. The hit was shocking, yes, but Bautista didn't even fall to the ground. He is most definitely alive, thank you very much.

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