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The Braves emailed Fredi Gonzalez a travel itinerary to fly home before they told him he was fired

On Tuesday the Atlanta Braves announced they fired manager Fredi Gonzalez. Atlanta intended to break the news to Gonzalez on Tuesday morning, but he found out earlier thanks to an email with flight information.

The Braves lost 8-5 to the Pirates in Pittsburgh on Monday. At some point after that, Gonzalez checked his email. When he did, he found a flight itinerary for a flight back to Atlanta on Tuesday, according to David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. That was a bad sign considering the Braves had three more games in Pittsburgh before heading to Philadelphia. According to O'Brien, Gonzalez was eventually able to confirm on Monday night that he was being fired.

Not only did Gonzalez basically find out he was fired thanks to a travel confirmation email, but the Braves also booked him in coach. Ouch.