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Rangers minor league affiliate commemorates Rougned Odor's punch with souvenir cup

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Rougned Odor landed the punch heard around the internet last weekend when he connected a stiff right hand to Jose Bautista's face. The punch was among the biggest and most accurate a MLB player has landed in years and resulted in an eight-game suspension for Odor. It also resulted in a commemorative cup from the Frisco RoughRiders.

Minor league baseball teams will exploit just about anything in the name of promotion, but this is just tremendous work by the Rangers' Double-A affiliate. It starts with the name where Rougie's Red Punch is the perfect choice to describe a drink and Odor's ability to punch people. The souvenir cup is also great.

No detail was glossed over. Even the tweet teases about a bat flip, an apt description considering a lot of the bad blood between Bautista and the Rangers stemmed from his epic bat flip against Texas in the playoffs last year.

If you're going to make a commemorative cup of a baseball fight you have to do it right. The RoughRiders did just that.