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The Cavs blowing out Toronto resulted in Jeff Van Gundy trying to quote DJ Khaled

Ideally, the play on the floor is is the main focus of the NBA playoffs. The Cavs, however, made Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals very uninteresting as they blew the Raptors off the floor. That led for plenty of airtime for the announcing trio of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson to fill.

It got a little weird.

Shortly after saying Doris Burke was "on fleek" JVG doubled down and tried to quote DJ Khaled. "Like I told the street," Van Gundy started. "Blessed up."

Technically he was looking for "bless up" but A for effort. There was also a wonderfully awkward high five between Jackson and Van Gundy.

With the way the Cavaliers are playing, Van Gundy might need to brush up on a few more rapper quotes to fill time the rest of the series.