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NBA TV commentators didn’t know what to make of Russell Westbrook's Game 2 outfit

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By now, everyone knows Russell Westbrook dresses up in outlandish outfits for pretty much every game. Game 2 on Wednesday was no different, as he strolled through Oracle Arena in a leather jacket and a plain shirt that had a huge hole in it.

Apparently, the NBA TV crew was not aware of his game day fashion, because at the postgame conference, they didn't know what to make of it:

The @NBATV crew had an interesting reaction to Russell Westbrook's outfit.

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Although one of them conceded that he liked it because "it's him" -- it's Westbrook being Westbrook. And you know, that's a quality to respect here. Westbrook has no interest in dressing up everybody else; he seems more interested in standing out from the crowd ... and promoting his love of Slayer.

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