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'Space Jam 2' with LeBron James is really maybe actually happening this time

There's a report out today suggesting that Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James really, truly, sincerely might be a movie that is made in the near or at least nearish future. And hey, it seems promising! The Hollywood Reporter reports that Justin Lin, of Fast & Furious fame, has signed on to co-write the script, which will (if it is written, which they are saying this time it will be, seriously) star LeBron and presumably various basketball- and Earth-hating foes. Hooray!

Here are some other times that Space Jam 2 was really maybe actually happening before:

September 2009: LeBron James signs on to do a basketball movie (that is not Space Jam 2).

February 2014: Dick Ebersol's sons are going to develop Space Jam 2.

February 2014: Kobe Bryant will not star in it. Sorry.

May 2014: LeBron James will be in a Judd Apatow movie (that is still not Space Jam 2).

June 2015: Warner Bros., aka The Keepers of Space Jamfiled new trademarks for the name "Space Jam."

July 2015: LeBron James signs a deal with Warner Bros.

July 2015: LeBron says we will have to "wait and see."

August 2015: You can buy Michael Jordan's Space Jam uniform for $10,000 (to raise money for a sequel????).

September 2015-present: Waiting.

2045: Seeing?

Space Jam 2 with LeBron HAS to be a better version