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The Penguins 'HBK' line now has their own wrestling entrance like Shawn Michaels

The HBK line — comprised Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino, and Phil Kessel — have kept the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs. Aside from keeping the team's hope for a Stanley Cup alive, the HBK line has also garnered the attention of the other HBK.

Wrestling fans recognize that abbreviation. For them it stands for Heartbreak Kid, the nickname of WWE legend Shawn Michaels. Fans from both worlds have noticed this and it is resulting in an excellent combination of the two.

Shawn Michaels has become a Pens fans and will show up on Sunday for Game 5 of the Conference Finals. Until then, Sportsnet will return the favor by creating an entrance video, the same as a wrestler would have, for the HBK line.

Hockey really should have more entrance themes like the ones in wrestling. Absolutely no one would mess with an enforcer who uses Brock Lesnar's music.

Even better, why not go all in on the professional wrestling motif and adopt their outfits as well.