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55 kids were no match for 2 professional soccer players on a Japanese game show

Of all the things in the world that pair perfectly, Japanese game shows and sports might just be the best. Every time the two are matched, the result is spectacular. Like the times Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan played weird shooting competitions on a nine-rim basketball hoop.

When Japanese game shows and soccer combine, it's just as wonderful. A few years ago the show Kyokugen 2013 pitted a pair of professional soccer players against a field full of kids. Shinji Kagawa -- currently of Borussia Dortmund -- and Kiyoshi Kiyotake first had to try and score against 33 child defenders.

That proved to not be a problem so the show stepped up the difficulty. Out ran 22 more defenders, making it two adult professionals against 55 kids. Somehow, that wasn't much of a challenge either. You'd think the sheer numbers would doom the adults, even though they are very good professionals. Nope. Kagawa and Kiyotake maneuvered through the kids with skill and relative ease before Kagawa buried a goal home. To the kids' credit, one did block the initial shot, but they really were no match.

The only disappointing thing about this video is that they didn't keep increasing the number of kids until finally the kids won. They should take the same concept and apply it to football. Give a player the ball at the 1-yard line and see if he can plow his way through 100 kids to the other end zone. It would be like a real life version of Breaking Madden. Someone get Marshawn Lynch on a flight to Japan ASAP.

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