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The complete, costly guide to dressing like Russell Westbrook

Wanna dress like Russell Westbrook? Be prepared to pay as much as $1,600 for a jean jacket.

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Russell Westbrook continues to be one of the most electrifying players in the NBA, both on and off the court. Before every Thunder game, Twitter waits for the first photo of Russ' latest outfit to emerge. He is consistently surprising us with shirts, pants and shoes that most of us have never seen before.

So I decided to figure out where the heck Russ is doing all of this shopping

Game 1 vs. Dallas Mavericks

Russ dresses like a fisherman.

Since these pants are out of stock (like most outfits you'll see that Russ wears), the price is debatable. But they should cost around $400. The official name of these pants are fisherman pants, FYI. I wasn't making that up earlier.

Game 2 vs. Dallas Mavericks

Russ goes all white everything.

He's wearing Zara biker jeans for only $80! Achievable! But those really nice brown boots run for $530 from Common Projects.


Game 4 vs. Dallas Mavericks

Russ wears sweatpants.

The cutoff shirt is actually made by Fear of God, so it's a really high quality, expensive cutoff. It's out of stock, but you may be able to recreate this with some items from Target with some work.

His shoes were Christian Louboutin Gray Louis Men's Flat Sneakers. They're $895. Also, they're extremely hard to find because Russell Westbrook's clothes are from some alternative matrix.

Game 5 vs. Dallas Mavericks

Russ wears a poncho.

You can buy this poncho for a reasonable $50 from Honorable Mention. Oh wait sorry, it's out of stock.


Game 1 vs. San Antonio Spurs

Russ took some old jeans and old khakis and made them into a shirt.

This outfit very much reminded me of Justin and Britney circa 2001.

But actually, it's the Mobay Construct Original from Bachar Collection. $228 and totally out of stock.

denim russ

Game 2 vs. San Antonio Spurs

Russ goes vintage.

That's just an old school Ramones shirt and some Saint Laurent jeans. So what does it cost for paint-splattered jeans anyway? Only $750.

Game 5 vs. San Antonio Spurs

Russ wears a '90s jean jacket.

Wait ... that jean jacket costs $1,595!!! It's from one of Russ' favorite brands, Fear of God. Great clothes, really pricey. Lucky for you, this jacket has already been purchased by a bunch of people willing to pay $1,595 for a jacket.

Game 6 vs. San Antonio Spurs

Russ reminds me of Zorro.

But you see those zebra shoes? If you have trouble finding them online, it's because their Russ' own shoes from Del Toro. His entire line from Del Toro runs at $395 a pair. Because that's Russ.

Game 1 vs. Golden State Warriors

Russ wears a completely oversized long-sleeve shirt.


Turns out it's quite popular, as Tyga and Kylie Jenner have been seen wearing it lately. You can get it for a cool $775 from Vetements.  (Out of stock, duh.) The model in this picture makes me LOL every time. Those sleeves.


Game 2 vs. Golden State Warriors

Russ ... Russ ... you have holes all over your shirt.

This shirt is impossible to find. I checked all my sources and there is no info on this shirt. I'm starting to actually think that Russ found an old t-shirt in his closet and ripped holes in it. I'm sure the original t-shirt still cost $250, but I have no proof Russ didn't shred this shirt himself.

Game 3 vs. Golden State Warriors

Russ looks like a picnic but in all seriousness, this outfit is pretty chill and cool.

And there's Russ.

A photo posted by Oklahoma City Thunder (@okcthunder) on

You can get his hat for $150 from Del Toro and I really like this hat. Lol, I'm starting to lose it. I'm completely accepting $150 hats right now.

russ hat

Game 4 vs. Golden State Warriors

Russ wears overalls!

The overalls are TBD but that shirt is Givenchy. The long sleeve version is $835.00! I have no idea how much sleeves cost in the Russ matrix so actual price is unknown. If you really want it, buy it for $835.00 and cut the sleeves off yourself, Russ style.

russ shirt

Game 5 vs. Golden State Warriors

It's leather weather for Russ.

That is actually a special Russell Westbrook hat that he created with Jus Don for Barney's New York. It retails at $695 and is definitely sold out. BUT! you can get another version of the hat here.

russ hat

The shirt under the leather shirt is another one from his own collection with Barney's. It's specifically a Westbrook, Barney's, Marcelo Burlon creation. There are several more shirts to go with it, all of out of stock because Russ makes awesome clothes.

russ shirt

Game 7 vs. Golden State Warriors

Russ dressed like they just gave up a 3-1 lead to the Warriors :(

In of his most tame outfits ever by Russ standards, he goes back to a favorite from Bachar Collection. It's the St. George's Conform Crew and it's only $72. This feels like Russ is sad.


So ... after much searching and scouring the web for Russ' outfits, it appears he lives in another world of clothing than any of us could ever imagine. He continues to wear one of a kind outfits and according to Royce Young, he wears each outfit only once and then gives it away. I hope he forever continues to surprise and entertain us with his fashion. And as they say: Let Westbrook be Westbrook.

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