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LeBron James heroically offers to pay Dahntay Jones' fine, which is $80

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The Cavaliers' Dahntay Jones, whose job is to hit people and get suspended, hit Toronto's Bismack Biyombo in Game 3 and will be suspended for Game 4. The NBA docks pay for any games you're suspended, but, per Joe Vardon of, LeBron James has volunteered to "take care" of Jones' lost salary for him.

That lost salary: $80.17. Mmhmm.

See, the Cavaliers signed Jones before their last game of the regular season, and he gets a prorated cut of the veteran's minimum, which adds up to $8,819. The fine with a one-game suspension equals 1/110 of the player's salary, which in Jones' case is ... yup, 80 bucks.

So yeah, LeBron is kind to cover for his teammate's sacrifice, and Vardon reports the Cavs superstar, who makes $23 million this season, had no idea how much the fine would be when he offered to cover it. This is good teammate-ing. Buuuuuut maybe just take Jones out to a fancy dinner or toss him a pair of low-end LeBrons instead of handing over that comically small* check.

(*Everything is relative.)