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This wide receiver plans to stand outside the Patriots stadium all day, every day until they sign him

Abiola Aborishade doesn't want a guarantee -- he just wants a chance. The former UMass Dartmouth receiver has been standing outside Gillette Stadium every single day for over a month trying to get the New England Patriots' attention. His message is simple: Give me a tryout.

Aborishade stands outside the stadium for seven hours a day, every day. He holds a simple display board extolling his virtues to his would-be employers. The receiver told Mass Live "I'm electric with the ball in my hands," and said he's gotten encouragement from Patriots' players and employees, which gives him the strength to keep standing.

This isn't the first time a player has attempted to garner a team's attention in this way. Last year Joe Anderson stood outside the Texans stadium in a similar manner, begging for a shot. He remains on the Jets practice squad after being signed in November.

Message to the Patriots: Why not? You've signed more outlandish players in the past as experiments (*cough* Tebow *cough*), so what do you have to lose by giving this guy an opportunity? Worst-case scenario he doesn't make it through training camp, but it's pretty rare to find a player who will do anything for the team.