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The Spelling Bee's Twitter account spell-checked someone out of existence

Deactivate. D-E-A-C-T-I-V-A-T-E. Deactivate.

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The National Spelling Bee Twitter account spell-checked someone all the way off Twitter on Thursday night. Yiiiiikes:

And the Spelling Bee comes for everyone — even its supporters.

That made me wonder: who runs this account? The answer is better than I expected. It's former champions! From USA TODAY:

Even though they're not competing against any media organization, they churn results faster than every one of them.

"I like to take that as a badge of honor," said Sameer Mishra, the 2008 spelling bee champion and a volunteer on the social media team.

It’s a job that would overwhelm even the most Twitter savvy, which is why Scripps harnesses the brainpower of former champions to help report the results in real time.

Twitter's freelance copy editors are a scourge, but we can all agree a team of super spellers calling people out from the Spelling Bee account is a wonderful exception. So good!

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