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Ricky Williams is opening the world's first weed gym

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Cannabis workouts might be the next big hit.

There's a brief moment during every workout when you suddenly have the realization that you haven't been focusing all that much. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as this is most likely an indicator that your body is autonomously pushing through for the next rep or next mile without you having to force it to do so. At that moment, your senses are heightened and you can just admire every interwoven aspect of the body in motion. It's definitely a high — but what if you were higher?

If former NFL running back Ricky Williams has anything to do with it, he'll find a way for you to trip out on the wonders of the human body in another plane. According to a press release, Williams will be opening the world's first cannabis gym in San Francisco, fittingly titled Power Plant Fitness.

Not only is being high allowed in the Power Plant gym, they are also offering their own line of edibles in case you neglected to bring your own supply. But this isn't just a novelty. Power Plant already exists as a line of edibles. The edibles themselves will vary as well -- some of the treats will be for pre-workouts while others will be to specifically recover from a strenuous workout.

The aim of the gym is to incorporate full mind training along with body training. And since a runner's high is a very real thing, why not add to that with an additional supplement that's not your typical pre-workout powder. For real, a lot of those products look more like harmful drugs than cannabis does.

(h/t Complex)