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Indians fans spent over $200 on beer to make an awesome four-foot pyramid of empty cans


The Indians lost to the Orioles on Friday evening by a score of 6-4. Despite this, Cleveland emerged as the true winner. No, not the team. The fans. Behold this glorious pyramid of beer cans! A beeramid, if you will.

Amazing. Here are some very important things you need to know.

• Each can is about 4.5 inches tall, so the entire structure is over four feet. That's pretty big!

• There are 98 cans visible in the picture above. The very bottom row is doubled up in order to provide a solid base, so that's 14 more cans, which brings us to a total of 112. Friday night was $2 beer night at Progressive Field, so the entire beeramid is worth $224.

Unfortunately, this great wonder could not last forever. The fans were forced to take it down.

The beeramid will live on forever in our hearts.