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A Leicester City fan won £20,600 after betting £5 his team would win the Premier League

A Leicester City fan is £20,600 (which is nearly $30,000 USD) richer after his team won the Premier League title on Monday. Leigh Herbert reportedly bet £5 back in August, while he went out drinking on holiday. It was around this time that Leicester City were given 5000-to-1 odds on winning the Premier League.

Before Herbert came away a huge winner, he'd made headlines back in February for the same bet, when people noticed that he had the potential to win that much money. Per ITV, William Hill, the bookmaker that he placed a bet with, had offered him £3,200 to cash out instead of going all the way. Herbert refused, of course; he even went out of his way to rib them over Twitter:

Since then, the cash in value kept increasing, its peak hitting £14,143.10 ($20,577.22 USD) on March 23:

What does he plan on doing with the money? Apparently, it'll be put on a deposit for a house:

Congrats, Mr. Herbert, on both your team winning the Premier League and sticking with your gut to win that much cash.