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The NFL writer who literally ate his bad predictions explains himself

Rotoworld NFL Draft writer Josh Norris put his tweets where his mouth is. Several of his draft predictions went wrong, and when the New England Patriots did not get to select Navy's Keenan Reynolds in the NFL Draft he followed through and ate it.

It's not every day that someone eats their words, but Josh did -- so we had some questions.

SB Nation: Have you ever eaten paper before?

Josh Norris: Yes. I ate two tweets last year. One was in a bet with Justis Mosqueda, who said Eric Kendricks would not be selected before pick 44. I said he would. Kendricks was picked No. 45. I also ate a two-year old tweet about a team taking Dion Jordan to play true DE. I said no way. And then Jeff Ireland made a dumb move.

I also likely ate paper as a child when it was attached to gum. But unknowingly.

SBN: When you tweeted did you actually think you'd have to eat the tweet?

Norris: I always knew it was a possibility. Hell, even a strong possibility. It spices things up, you know. Like prop bets for big games. Something to watch in the much larger event.

SBN: What was the flavor profile and mouthfeel of the paper?

Norris: The first chew forms an consumable ball. Have you watched those hydraulic press videos on YouTube? it is the new thing. My mouth is not as strong as a hydraulic press. And the flavor is close to dusty cardboard. I imagine.

SBN: Was it expensive high-weight paper, or regular old copy paper?

Norris: The paper quality at NBC is too good. It is not like that cheap, translucent, line paper you use in grade school. This is heavy printer paper. It makes it much worse.

SBN: Will you continue to make "Eat This Tweet" predictions?

Norris: I absolutely will continue these predictions. And more and more people are joining in each year. I think 10 or so join me on this voyage of ingesting alternate forms of fiber (?)

SBN: Will you raise the stakes and eat your phone?

Norris: I'm not sure how to raise the stakes. I hate hard boiled eggs, so I considered one way is to write the tweet on a hard boiled egg and eat that. But that would end in a NSFW tag.

SBN: Alright Josh, I'm laying down the gauntlet now: Make a 2017 draft prediction right now and if you're wrong you need to print out and eat this article.

Norris: Here is my #EatThisTweet prediction for 2017:

If at least 3 RBs are not drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft I will #EatThisTweet.

* * *

There you have it folks, a prediction for 2017. We'll all need to work together to hold Josh to this one. We already know he'll follow through with his bet.