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Kidnapped soccer player Alan Pulido stole his captor's gun, shot him and escaped himself

Olympiacos striker Alan Pulido was kidnapped over the weekend following a party in his hometown of Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. Reports emerged on Monday that Pulido was rescued. Now we know that is a half-truth, and Pulido turned into Jason Bourne during his kidnapping.

Mexican news outlet Proceso reports that Pulido called the police himself, rather than being found and rescued. How did he call them while being kidnapped? It's simple: He waited until his armed guard wasn't looking, stole his gun, shot him, took his cell phone, escaped through a window he broke himself and called the cops.

The biggest mistake his captors made was not realizing they were dealing with a certified badass. He made the following statement on Twitter.

It reads:

"Thank you very much to everyone for their prayers, they helped us a lot during this terrible experience that I would not wish on anyone. I appreciate the support provided by federal and state authorities that allowed me to return safely to my family and friends. Thanks to the divine God who is always with us, and who gave us an opportunity for eternal life."

It's believed the kidnappers only wanted a ransom for Pulido's release, and that there were no other motivations. They messed with the wrong man.