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Allen Iverson signed a jersey for Pusha T and all hell broke loose

"Allen Iverson is, like, my all-time hero," Pusha T once said in an interview with Noisey, which makes sense, considering both grew up in Virginia, and both still rock the braids. So what happens when both guys end up meeting each other? You get a really excited Pusha T, as seen in this Instagram video Pusha posted on Saturday.

Iverson had signed a jersey for Pusha, which had him screaming, "You can't tell me nothing! Nothing!" Iverson, meanwhile, kept his cool, and showed some love by saying Pusha's "the best," as if the signature wasn't enough.

The moment... Thanx again @theofficialai3

A photo posted by Pusha T (@kingpush) on

We need more Pusha T moments like this because this is priceless.

(h/t Fox Sports)