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Justin Bieber is shooting Shawn Marion 3-pointers for the Nets

Brooklyn Biebs?

Yes, the playoffs are in full swing, but there's never a bad time for teams who are unfortunately out of the running for this year's championship to look ahead. But rather than going into your typical pool of free agents, why not venture into acquiring a player who's a little more unorthodox?

If this video is any indication, Justin Bieber is getting ready to suit up for the Brooklyn Nets. So while he's on the court draining three-pointers like he's Steph Curry, let's briefly analyze his game to get a better approximation of his skill set.

Unfortunately for the purpose of this exercise, Bieber isn't dribbling; that leaves us only to wonder what his handles are like. Perhaps he might have the handles to play point guard, but we must analyze him as a shooter first.

His shot is indeed impressive. Given his form, Bieber could play the small forward position and help the struggling Nets with threes. Examining the video closely, his shot is eerily similar to former NBA player Shawn Marion's. However, Bieber could use some work on his jump shot (he should bend his knees more in order to avoid risk of injury).

Considering that the Brooklyn Nets won only 21 games during the regular season, they need all the help they can get. Do it, Brooklyn! It looks like Justin has a bright NBA future ahead of him.

Or Biebs could just be practicing, whatever.